Research Services

Although agencies such as the Australian War Memorial and the National Archives of Australia provide a good deal of material online, many people don’t have the time nor the expertise to fully benefit from these resources. Some sources use jargon and abbreviations not commonly used these days, and additional work is needed to understand what the original records tell us. Personal service records do not usually record exactly where the member served, yet this is something that many researchers are interested in knowing.

I’m now available to do genealogical and historical research on behalf of others, providing assistance to people who are researching an Australian Imperial Force (AIF) member from the First World War.

I specialise in transcribing and interpreting original records to prepare a report that details an AIF member’s wartime service. This work starts with transcribing the member’s service dossier (NAA series B2455), and then gathering information from other sources such as nominal rolls, embarkation rolls, the Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards records and Red Cross wounded and missing files. I then use the offical unit diaries to determine where the member’s unit was serving during particular periods of the war. Where necessary, I often use old newspapers and subscription services such as and to verify or add to other information.

Every case is unique, and the same standard of record-keeping wasn’t applied to every file… some AIF members  left lots of records and some didn’t leave many records. Using the material available, I aim to provide a report that documents (as much as is possible) the member’s service with the AIF from his enlistment to the time of his discharge or death. This will include the locations his unit served at the times he was with the unit, the locations of battles, casualties, and periods of leave etc.

I charge $50 per hour (plus GST for Australian clients) for my work. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your research interests and how I might be able to assist you.